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Senior High School

Split-HS Classroom

9th grade thru 12th grade Senior high school is critical in Christian school education.

Senior high school brings the student to growing independence, to increased responsibilities, and to greater educational choices. FBCS teachers emphasize that God has a will for each Christian student, and that He wants to reveal that will a step at a time to the student who wants it, who walks humbly with God. This is a period of continued character development and of marked growth in every area. Students are encouraged to stand up for what is right in a world which is rapidly inverting God's standards by calling right wrong and wrong right. Students are taught that the abilities they possess are of the Lord and are to be used to honor Him. They are taught that in the end, the purpose of life is to please God.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Complete Parent Application and Records Release Form.
  2. Complete Student Application.
  3. Submit Applications with $50 Application Fee to school office.
  4. Upon approval, a school administrator will contact you for an interview.
  5. Begin enrollment process.

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