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Homeschool Cooperative Programs

For a printable summary and schedule for our Homeschool Cooperative programs for the 2015-2016 school year, please click here. For a comprehensive application to participate in any of our Homeschool Cooperative programs, please click here.


All of our sports programs are available for homeschool families to participate.

The prospective athlete must:
1. Meet with the school principal for approval, along with a parent, and must meet all of the normal requirements otherwise needed for academic enrollment at FBCS.
2. Must complete all forms associated with enrollment for a sport with FBCS.
3. Must comply with all FBCS policies regarding athletics, including academic eligibility, dress code, practice and game attendance, and sportsmanship. Unwillingness to do so will result in disciplinary action which could result in dismissal from the team without a refund.

We currently offer (grades 6-12):

Boys' Soccer
Girls' Volleyball
Girls' Basketball
Boys' Basketball

Prices for a single season are $150 per season per student. Students participating for a full year will receive a $50 discount for subsequent sports seasons that year.

We generally also offer intramural basketball for grades 3-6 in the spring, utilizing parent coaches for a 4-6 week season.

Fine Arts

FBCS offers Art and Choir for elementary students (through 6th grade) and Performance Choir for junior high and high school students.

Art Club (3rd through 6th grade only) is offered once a month for eight months during the school year (September-November, January-May). Students are able to complete a large project which combines different art mediums each month. Cost is $100 per family for the entire school year. To see the 2014-2015 schedule for elementary art, click here.

Elementary Choir is offered at a cost of $50 per season (Fall and Spring) or $100 for the entire year per family. The Choir participates in a Veterans' Day program in November along with the Performance Choir and drama teams. In the Spring, the Choir participates in a Spring Musical (combined choir and drama), as well as singing the National Anthem at a Lake Erie Monsters game (depending on scheduling).

Parents will not be required to stay with their elementary student, but students will be expected to respect and obey the instructor and aides.

Performance Choir (junior high and high school) is offered at a cost of $50 per season (Fall and Spring) or $100 for the entire year per family. Along with the elementary, Performance Choir will participate in a Veterans' Day program in November. In the Spring, the Performance Choir will typically serve in at least three church concerts. The Boys' Ensemble (pulled out of the Performance Choir) will also perform the National Anthem for a Cavs game in the Spring.


FBCS invites homeschool families to join us for two special events during the school year. During these times, our students will interact with their homeschool friends in a purely cooperative environment.

On September 18, 2015, FBCS will hold a Field Day for elementary students at a cost of $2 per student. Homeschool junior high and high school students are invited to be part of the committee and organization of the day. More details will be released later.

On February 26, 2016, FBCS will hold our Annual School Carnival. Homeschool families are invited to attend and participate. Admission is free; tickets cost $.25 each to participate in the booths, which usually require 2 to 3 tickets. A meal is usually provided at a low cost to interested families.


We are very excited about the innovative opportunity to provide mini-electives for homeschool students. Mini-electives are one or two week courses designed to enrich the educational opportunities of students.

The mini-elective curriculum the 2015-2016 school year is now available. Please stay posted--as changes and additions are made, this schedule will be updated.

Persons wishing to develop and teach a mini-elective course should apply using the application here.

These courses are well-planned courses with daily lesson plans and the possibility of take-home assignments. If your student is interested in attending these courses, please contact us. Scheduling will take place on an ongoing basis.

Homeschool Education Assistance Program (HEAP)

For grades 7 through 12, FBCS is utilizing a Blended Learning model approach to education. To learn more about this model, which combines on-line learning with traditional classroom teaching, please follow this link.

For the on-line portion of the model, FBCS utilizes Alpha Omega's Ignitia curriculum. On-site Math and English teachers are available, with published office hours committed specifically to homeschool students.

Homeschool students may take one or two courses, online with help from the teachers of FBCS ($300 for one class/ $600 for 2 classes). Traditional or blended learning classes may be available for homeschool students as well (prices may vary).

If you are interested in being a part of this program, please contact Mr. Spickler at before the beginning of the school year. Limited spots are available.

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